Castrol offers you a comprehensive range of world-class oils and product support services that will help you to:

Prolong gear life
Obtain optimum gear performance
Extend maintenance intervals
Boost productivity
Lower maintenance costs
Reduce overall consumption and waste

Gear Oil Products:

Castrol Alpha SP Formulated to provide all-round performance and good anti-scuff protection in enclosed gear drives.
Castrol Molub-Alloy Recommended for spur, helical, herringbone and straight or spiral bevel gears.
Castrol Alphasyn T Offers good thermal stability and resistance to oxidation.
Castrol Alphasyn EP Offers good protection against micro-pitting, good thermal and oxidative stability, good load carrying abilities and high corrosion resistance.
Castrol Alphasyn PG Extreme pressure gear oil that provides high load carrying capacity and good wear protection.
Castrol Optigear BM Reduces issues such as abrasion, surface fatigue (pitting) and micropitting or problems in the running-in phase.
Castrol Tribol 1100 Incorporates the Tribol Gear Oil Additive (TGOA) system, which represents a significant advancement in gear oil technology. The results of TGOA lead to surface roughness gradually being levelled and smoothed.
Castrol Tribol 800 Developed for application in highly loaded gears and bearings, even when subjected to difficult operating conditions.
Castrol Optigear Synthetic X Offers optimum wear protection under extreme loads and operating conditions such as vibrations, oscillating motions and shock loads.

Hydraulic Oil Products:
Castrol Hyspin VG Designed for use in hydraulic systems that do not require anti-wear performance but where rust and oxidation resistance is desirable.
Castrol Hyspin AWS Designed for use in most industrial hydraulic systems which require anti-wear protection and has excellent hydrolytic and oxidative stability.
Castrol Hyspin AWH-M Contains a shear stable additive system which helps maintain the viscosity characteristics over a wide temperature range, even during prolonged use.
Castrol Hyspin ZZ Particularly suitable for hydraulic systems using vane and piston pumps where elevated operating temperatures are encountered.
Castrol Hyspin HVI Designed to meet and exceed the toughest performance standards, this range is intended for severely stressed hydraulic systems requiring a high level of anti-wear performance.
Castrol Carelube HES Used as a hydraulic oil for applications in environmentally sensitive areas.
Castrol Tribol 943 AW Specifically developed for service in advanced numerically controlled (NC) hydraulic systems, including robotics.

Grease Products:
Castrol Spheerol Multi-purpose High Performance (MP-HP) Suitable for the most severe applications, offering you increased security and peace-of-mind.
Castrol Molub-Alloy
Castrol Longtime
Castrol Optipit
Castrol Tribol
Castrol Firetemp
Castrol Inertox Heavy
Castrol Molub-Alloy

Slide Way Lubricant Products:
Castrol Magna GC, Castrol Magna BD, Castrol Magna CF - Formulated to provide all-round performance with good stick-slip and load carrying capabilities.
Good lubricity prevents stick-slip of slideways
High load carrying capacity prevents wear of highly loaded slideways
Good demulsification and cutting fluid compatibility can be used in the presence of water or water based metalworking fluids

Castrol Magnaglide D - Formulated to provide enhanced performance with excellent stick-slip qualities and compatibility with water based metalworking fluids.
Excellent lubricity prevents stick-slip of slideways
Good load carrying capacity prevents wear of highly loaded slideways
Excellent demulsification and cutting fluid compatibility can be used in the presence of water or water based metalworking fluids

Castrol Tribol MWO LS - Designed for lubrication of machine tool slides and ways, but can also be used for many other applications such as chains, wire ropes, plain and anti-friction bearings, and translating screws.
Excellent lubricity prevents stick-slip of slideways
Superb load carrying capacity prevents wear of highly loaded slideways
Non-drip nature can reduce staining and therefore help avoid production and housekeeping problems

Castrol Tribol 1066 - Designed to produce a lubricant allowing superb stick-slip properties and rapid water separation.
Outstanding demulsification properties prolongs coolant life
Excellent lubricity prevents stick-slip, resulting in higher quality output, fewer rejects and reduced operating costs
Advanced corrosion protection reduces metal deterioration

Compressor Oil Products:
Castrol Aircol PD Highly refined mineral oils and an ashless additive system for the lubrication of rotors, bearings and gears in rotary compressors, especially the oil flooded screw type with lubricant drain cycles of up to 2000 hours.
Castrol Aircol SR Based on polyalphaolefin (PAO) fluids, suitable for use in oil flooded rotary screw compressors operating under extreme climatic conditions, harsh environments and severe operating conditions.
Castrol Tribol 890 Fully synthetic ester based lubricants designed to meet the lubrication needs of the most demanding air compressor applications.

Castrol for Industry

Lubricants for all applications - standard and high performance for added security and reliability

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Our main lubricant ranges are shown below. For information on other products please contact your local country.

Gear Oils : Alpha SP, Alphasyn, Molub-Alloy, Optigear, Tribol

Slideway Oils : Magna, Magnaglide, Tribol

Hydraulic Oils : Tribol 943 AW, Hyspin, Carelub HES

Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids : Anvol

Circulating Oils : Magna

Chain Oils : Molub-Alloy, Tribol, Viscogen KL, Viscogen KLK

Greases : Multi-Purpose, High-Performance, High-Temperature, Open Gears