Engine Oil


Product Description



MAK PUMP SAE Grade: 40

This is specially developed to meet the engine oil requirements ofagricultural pump sets.

This oil is recommended for agricultural pump sets, threshers, sugarcaneharvesters / crushers etc.

  • Good thermo-oxidative stability
  • High detergency, anti-wear and anti-corrosive properties

MAK CH-4SAE Grade: 15W-40   

It is formulated for lubrication of modern diesel enginesmeeting latest emission norms (Euro III) and operating under severeconditions to meet stringent emission norms. It is fortified with superiorquality high viscosity index improvers and unique anti-wear additives toprotect heavily loaded engine parts such as valve train.

It is recommended for use in latest generation Dieselengine vehicles to meet Euro-II and Euro-III emission norms. However, thisoil can also be used in vehicles requiring API CG-4 or CF-4 oil.
This oil has been licensed by American Petroleum Institute (API) to marketunder their "DONUT~ symbol.

  • The latest generation dispersants used in this oil helps in handling higher amount of soot and thereby controlling the viscosity increase
  • Ensures excellent protection against oxidation, rust and corrosion
  • Exhibits superior anti-foam characteristics
  • This oil is suitable for use in all seasons and helps in reducing oil consumption


MAK CG-4 SAE Grade: 15W-40

It is advanced heavy duty diesel engine oil specially developed to meetlow exhaust emission standards. This oil also has an exceptional ability tomaintain engine cleanliness and protect engine parts, thereby extendingengine life and reducing maintenance costs.

It is recommended for use in heavy-duty diesel engines using low Sulphur (0.05% max.)diesel, for on-highway and off-highway applications demanding an advancedgrade. However this oil can also be used in vehicles requiring API CF-4 typeof oil.
This oil has been licensed by American Petroleum Institute (API) to marketunder their‘DONUT’symbol.

  • The unique dispersants used in this oil provides superior soot handling capacity
  • This oil is suitable for use in all seasons
  • Exceptional ability to maintain engine cleanliness



It is a new generation semi-synthetic, extremely low smoke,environmentally friendly two stroke engine oil. Blended from highly refinedmineral base oil & a special synthetic component, and fortified withfinely balanced low ash additives. A specially selected diluent is added toensure instantaneous self-mixing of oil with fuel.

It is used for all types of 2 or 3 wheeler vehicles and outboard boatsfitted with 2 stroke petrol engines / CNG gas.
For gear box application of 2 wheelers, use MAK MULTIGRADE 20W-40.
This oil received On-file status from JASO (Japanese Automotive StandardsOrganisation) 2-Cycle Oil Standards Implementation Panel for Gasoline EnginePerformance Classification (JASO M 345).

  • Extremely low visible exhaust smoke levels
  • Reduced spark plug fouling and exhaust system deposits
  • Excellent lubrication under all working conditions, thereby, leading to longer engine life, increased fuel economy, reduced maintenance cost, and above all, reduced environmental pollution


This is superior quality multigrade oil blended with superior quality highViscosity Index base oils and contains well balanced group of additives, toprovide high detergency, dispersancy and anti oxidation characteristics.

It is recommended for use in Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles, LightCommercial Vehicles & Multi-utility vehicles fitted with high speednaturally aspirated or Turbo charged diesel engines operating at low speedand high torque conditions that are prevalent in prolonged city stop & godriving conditions and also in hilly regions.

  • Better resistance against wear of moving engine parts at all operating conditions
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability & less formation of oxidation related deposits.
  • Protects engine components against rust and corrosion due to built-in alkaline reserves
  • Ensures smooth running of engine in all climatic conditions.

It is a premium quality Lithium based multi purpose grease manufacturedfrom superior quality base oils and soap.

This grease is recommended for wheel bearings and other grease lubricatedparts of automotive vehicles.

  • Has very good oxidation stability which ensures longer grease and component life
  • Outstanding rust protection abilities
  • Has excellent structural stability
  • Exhibits good water resistance property
  • Has high drop point

MAK TRAC SAE Grade: 40 & 20W-40

This is premium quality diesel engine oil specially formulated to meet thesevere service lubrication requirement of tractors. This oil is blended fromsuperior quality high viscosity index base oils and selected additives.

This oil is recommended for various make and models of tractors.

  • Excellent detergency & dispersancy
  • Good oxidation stability
  • Good anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties

Industrial Lubricants:


Product Description




It is premium quality lithium based grease containing extreme pressureadditives. These are suitable for heavy-duty roller & plain bearings, andfor situations warranting a use of extreme pressure grease, particularly tothose subjected to shock loads at temperatures up to about 130°C.

This oil is recommended for all plain & rollerbearings in equipments operating under severe shock loading conditions andtemperatures up to about 130°C. NLGI 1 grade is used in centralized greaselubrication system.

  • Contains extreme pressure additives which confer excellent shear stability and high load carrying ability


MAK MOLY GREASE XTRA is lithium soap base grease with 105 by weightmolybdenum disulphide.

This is recommended for the industrial application wherelithium base grease with 10% by weight molybdenum disulphide is required.

  • Higher load bearing ability
  • It can withstand shock loading conditions and gives good performance
  • It provides long service life


MAK MOLEX GREASE is special calcium based water resistance grease.

These are recommended for roller bearings operating inmoist conditions and at moderate temperatures

  • MAK MOLEX GREASE is special calcium High mechanical and thermal stability
  • Good anti-rust & lubricity properties

Compressor Oils:

MAK HYDROL HLP ISO VG: 22, 32, 46, 68, 100 & 150

These are premium grade extra heavy duty anti-wear oils with outstandingthermal stability and high FZG rating.

The heavy duty anti-wear & outstanding thermalstability characteristics of these oils make them suitable for thelubrication of screw and vane type rotary compressors.

  • High thermal stability and excellent compatibility with seals.


MAK HYDROL OIL ISO VG: 32, 46, 68, 100, 150, 220, 320 & 460

These are specially designed oils for hydraulic transmission andcirculating systems. These are also used as compressor oils.

These are recommended for reciprocating compressors wheregood oxidation stability & anti-wear properties are required.

  • Excellent resistance to oxidation
  • Good anti-rust, anti-wear and anti-foam properties
  • Have excellent compatibility with the seals


MAK CABOL ISO VG: 15, 22, 32, 46, 68, 100, 150, 220, 320 & 460 
Non ISO VG: 121, 176 & 257

These are highly refined high viscosity index mineral oils which maintaina thin film of oil under light & medium load conditions.

These are used in bearing applications in variousindustries such as steel, textile, pharmaceutical, chemical, processingindustries etc.

  • Exhibit good oxidation & thermal stability
  • Provide protection against corrosion & rust even during idle conditions


MAK TURBOL OIL Grade: ISO VG: 32, 46, 68, & 100 
NON ISO VG: 37, 57 & 78

These oils have exceptional thermal and oxidation stability. In addition,they are also fortified with anti-rust and anti-oxidant additives.

These oils are recommended for the lubrication of bearingsof rotary / turbo compressors.

  • Good oxidation & thermal stability
  • Provide excellent protection against rusting
  • Ability to release entrained air rapidly
  • Excellent demulsibility and resistance to foaming

MAK UNIVOL OIL ISO VG: 32, 46, 68, 100, 150, 220, 320 & 460

These are blended from solvent refined highviscosity index straight mineral oils and carefully selected additives.

These oils are recommended for all types of industrialmachinery using once through lubricating system. These are also recommendedfor use in lubricating system of machine tools and other machine parts, whichare lubricated by a thin film of oil.

  • Straight mineral oil