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Shell Helix:
Shell Helix Ultra motor oils active cleansing technology is specially formulated to clean as it protects. Every pack contains special cleansing agents which stop dirt build up where you can't see it, but where it really matters.

Shell Helix Products:


Product Name

Product Description

Shell Helix Ultra Extra

Shell Helix Ultra Extra

Maximum engine cleaning for modern engines.

Shell Helix Ultra

Shell Helix Diesel Ultra

Maximum engine cleaning for performance motoring. Refreshing and protecting your car.

Shell Helix Plus

Shell Helix Plus

Exceptional engine cleaning in all driving conditions. Refreshing and protecting your car.

Shell Helix Super

Shell Helix Super

Superior engine cleaning. Refreshing and protecting your car.

Shell Helix

Shell Helix

Hard-working engine clean-up. Refreshing and protecting your older car

Shell Helix Diesel 20W-50 Packshot

Shell Helix Diesel

  • 20W-50 Multi-grade motor oil.
  • Cleans and protects older engines.


  • Special cleaning agents
  • Oxidation resistance preventing oil degradation
  • Multigrade viscosity

Naturally aspirated or turbo-charged indirect diesel engines. Benefits:

  • Immediate engine clean-upaction, preventing the build up of dirt and sludge by locking away harmful deposits
  • Reliable engine protection throughout the oil drain interval.
  • Easier cold starting compared with monograde oils

Shell Helix High Mileage 25W-60 Packshot

Shell Helix High Mileage

  • 25W-60 Multi-grade motor oil.
  • Extra protection for engines with more than 100,000km


  • Special cleaning agents
  • Anti-wear additive boost(30% more than Shell Helix Super)
  • Higher viscosity
  • Oxidation stability, preventing oil degradation
  • Helps to reduce engine vibration and noise


  • Immediate engine clean-up action, preventing the build up of dirt and sludge
  • The anti-wear additive forms a protective layer on metal components protecting your high mileage engine
  • Helps reduce oil leaks and burn off, which can improve oil consumption
  • Reliable engine protection throughout the oil drain interval
  • Smoother, quieter drive

Shell Helix Ultra Extra

Shell Helix Ultra Extra

Advanced technology for modern engines with sensitive exhaust gas treatment systems. Fully synthetic motor oil.

Shell Helix Ultra

Shell Helix Ultra

Cleans and protects for maximum performance. Fully synthetic motor oil.

Shell Helix HX7

Shell HelixHX7

Cleans and protects for extra responsivness. Synthetic technology motor oil.

Shell Helix HX5

Shell HelixHX5

Cleans and protects, reducing engine noise. Premium multi-grade motor oil.

Shell Helix HX3

Shell HelixHX3

Cleans and protects older engines. Multi-grade motor oil.

Shell Helix HX3 K

Shell HelixHX3 K

Extra protection for engines with more than 100,000km. Multi-grade motor oil.

Shell Rimula:
Enjoy exceptional protection against diesel engine wear with Shell Rimula. Four levels of protection - from top-of-the-range Rimula Ultra to more dependable, cost-effective oils - mean that Shell Rimula has the oils to keep you on the road.

Shell Rimula Products:

Rimula Ultra

Rimula Ultra:
Rimula Ultra is recognised by truck manufacturers as a long-life engine oil that offers premium engine protection, even at long drain intervals. Its unique chemistry has become the standard for heavy duty diesel engine oil.
The oil’s long life enables operational efficiencies and lower maintenance costs. Extensive field and laboratory tests have demonstrated how Rimula Ultra provides state-of-the-art protection for your engine. 
Rimula Ultra 10W-40


  • Delivers superior piston cleanliness over extended oil drain intervals, guaranteeing optimum engine efficiency and emissions performance
  • Gives superb soot control in the latest Euro III low emission engines
  • Dramatically reduces sludge and other deposits
  • Allows faster pumping of oil to the bearings and camshaft for greater protection when starting your engine. Some engineers estimate that 80 percent of all engine wear occurs on start-up
  • Has a synthetic formulation making it easier to start your engine even in extreme cold resulting in reduced wear when cranking and increased battery life.

Rimula Super

Rimula Super 15W-40 
Premium protection, heavy duty diesel engine oil, for low emission, high performance engines.


  • Improved critical safety margin for high severity operations that ensures you stay on the road.
  • Preferred choice in long distance haulage and in the harsh stop-start of city and inter-city bus operations.
  • Outstanding protection and performance in severe conditions

Rimula X

Rimula X
RimulaX has built its reputation as a rugged, hardworking performance oil on the basis of millions of kilometers of experience in protecting heavy duty engines.


  • Reduced wear 
    Better lubrication
    Less slugging

Rimula D

Rimula D15W-40 
RimulaD Multigrade meets the performance requirements of turbo charged engines and exceeds the CF-4 performance.


  • Reliability
    Cost Effective
    Assured Quality

Driveline Lubricants:
Your drivelines - engine, gearbox and axles - carry the weight of your business. Each part of the driveline is an important as the other. They work together, and together they need the heavyweight protection of a specialized Lubricant range.

They need Shell Rimula, Spirax and Retinax lubricants. Specialists that go the distance. Tough-tested during exhaustive field trails. The combined protection-power of these heavyweight engine, gearbox and axle specialists was proved beyond doubt.

Used together, Shell Rimula, Shell Spirax and Shell Retinax have shown their remarkable ability to reduce fuel consumption, extend engine life, increase periods between oil drains, significantly cut overall running costs. Together, they've set standards that others find hard to match.

Shell Rimula - a range of lubricants totally dedicated to diesel engines - is the name of the biggest selling diesel engine oil in the world.

Shell Rimula Ultra is a fully synthetic oil that offers premium performance in diesel engines. It provides ultimate protection and exceptional fuel economy and is the longest life, extended drain oil on the market. Rimula Ultra ensures superb engine cleanliness and optimum performance. The oil's long life enables operational efficiencies and lower maintenance costs.

Shell Rimula Super is a multi-grade oil specifically formulated for diesel engines. Rimula Super provides premium protection and longer life for all low emission, high performance engines. The oil's superb wear protection qualities exceed even the requirements of the next generation of oil specifications for low emission engines. Rimula Super is suitable for all types of heavy duty diesel engines and meets your toughest requirements, both on and off the road.

Shell Rimula X is a bestselling, high performance oil suitable for a broad range of on and off road turbo engines. Its reputation for rugged, hardworking performance is built on millions of kilometers of experience in protecting engines around the world. Exclusively developed by Shell scientists, Rimula X uses a unique combination of booster additives to ensure enhanced protection and longer life. Calcium-based detergents optimise diesel performance.

Shell Rimula D Multigrade is a high quality multigrade engine oil, Rimula D multigrade offers consistent performance, without the additional costs of the extensive approvals associated with high specification oils. Rimula D multigrade is suitable for use in normally aspirated, lightly turbo charged, heavy duty engines where short to normal oil drain intervals are maintained. It meets the performance requirements of turbo charged engines and exceeds the CF-4 performance.

Shell Rimula D Monograde is suitable for a wide range of less-demanding engine service, including use in most non-turbocharged engines and in stationary applications, eg pumps, small generator sets with intermittent operation. Rimula D monograde provides the basic level of industry standard protection (API CF) required by older and less sophisticated engine designs.

Shell Spirax is the most advanced range of gear oils in the world. Spirax ASX, GSX, AX and GX as well as new G and A and long established MA and MB provide the most effective way to give heavy duty gearboxes and axles all the specialist protection they need.

Shell Retinax is a dedicated range of wheel bearing grease tested and proven worldwide to be the best. Retinax LX significantly extends the life of wheel bearings. It is also perfect for a wide range of automotive applications. Retinax HDX is another multi-purpose grease designed for the specialist protection of chassis and fifth wheel components.

High performance
Low cost
increases efficiency of engine

Shell for Industry


Food & Beverage
Shell provides approved food grade lubricants to enhance your operation


Power Generation & Transmission
We provide an extensive range of industrial lubricants to meet the needs of the Power industry.


We offer a comprehensive line of metalworking fluids and maintenance services.


Oil & Gas/Petrochemical
Natural Gas lubricants products designed to offer unsurpassed protection for the Natural Gas industry.

Shell provides approved fluids and greases to enhance your operation.


Pulp & Paper
We appreciate that creating and maintaining a competitive advantage in the face of the volatility of pulp and paper prices.